We do more than
make stuff look pretty;
we make it work

About Choptank

Chop shop meets think tank

Choptank is an award-winning digital thought shop for enthusiastic brands. That means that we do digital marketing strategy and execution; but, only for brands who are as excited and passionate about their work as we are about ours. We combine the speed, precision and knowledge of a chop shop with the strategy, intellect and research capacity of a think tank. We drive maximum, engagement by informing our work with powerful thinking, in-depth research, and fact-based strategy.

Every project is unique; but, every Choptank project starts with thinking, planning, strategy, interviews, research, competitive analysis, brand platform design, audits, and more. We do more than just make stuff look pretty; we make it work. Sure, we can crank out a couple of brochures or a website, but if it doesn’t work, then we’ve wasted our time and your money.

Fun fact: Choptank is a Nanticoke word that means “place of big current.” And that’s exactly what we aim to be; for ourselves and for our clients.

Our passion

People + results

At Choptank, we truly value the relationships we build with our clients – you’re probably thinking that every agency says that. But, we love unique companies that live their brands, are in a hyper-specific niche, and/or promote a distinct lifestyle or world view. Not only do we love learning about new industries and new challenges, but we love coming up with new solutions. We know you are experts in your field, and when we combine your expertise in your niche with our expertise in marketing and communication, we can produce flabbergasting results.

“Results, you say?” Again, you’re probably thinking that every agency says that. True; but, we are dedicated to ensuring results. Not only do we apply strategic upfront thinking on our projects, but we ensure that our projects are trackable and ROI-able on the back-end. That’s why we love digital – everything can be tracked.

Get in touch with us to talk about your problems. We love hearing about your challenges and how we might be able to help!