Strategizing, launching,
and expanding a large
direct mail campaign


Direct mail campaigns

When Adidas approached Choptank about their Outlet Store marketing support, they hadn’t launched direct mail in the U.S. before. The company had identified a few target markets in which to test their direct mailers (around a few specific high-performing outlet locations), but needed some help on the best approaches to ensure maximum impact of these campaigns.



Piloting and expansion

Tiptoeing into this arena, Choptank provided guidance on the marketing strategy and the approach to the direct mail campaign. Working together, Choptank and Adidas developed a campaign of marketing tactics that targeted Adidas’s outlet locations in Florida for a pilot launch. Including 2 tip-on cards with different offers and a “text to win” program, Choptank helped to design direct mailers and newspaper inserts. Choptank and Adidas built tracking on every aspect of the campaign. While redemption and “text to win” entries were tracked by Adidas, other links in the program were tracked and reported by Choptank to get a full view of the customer activity driven by the campaign.

After a successful pilot of the program in Florida, Adidas wanted to expand the program to include California. With new offers, Choptank designed a new campaign, including direct mail pieces and newspaper inserts. Redemption of offers in this second campaign showed a 3x redemption rate increase in California over Florida.


Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University research, strategy and dev

Choptank conducted focus groups, online surveys, interviews, and more to build a website strategy for Northern Kentucky University. While we partnered with their agency of record for web design, we handled the front-end development for this client also.



Nuvoda branding and marketing

A client, RF WasteWater, was creating a new sister company to its family. Choptank was engaged to name, brand, and build a strategy for Nuvoda. We help the company with design, collateral, website development, social media, and more.



Express mobile application

Express needed a new app concept that better connected the online and in-person experiences, leveraged emerging and innovative technology, and furthered their goal of being a fashion fore-runner. Choptank worked with them on some "outside of the box" thinking to develop smashing new concepts.


Series of matte black sinks with dramatic lighting on a dark background


Sinkology strategy and marketing

Award-winning full service marketing support for long-term partner. Choptank works with Sinkology on naming, branding, website design / development, social media, content marketing, photography, videography, and more.