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The problem

An exploding brand (in a good way)

Sinkology was one of Choptank’s first clients – and the relationship is still going strong. Sinkology was producing beautiful, handmade, solid copper kitchen and bathroom sinks for years, but selling under retailers’ store brand names. They were working with some of the biggest home retailers in the market to distribute their products: Home Depot, Lowes, Menards, Overstock, and even Amazon. But the brand needed to establish itself as a standalone name, so they reached out to Choptank to get the ball rolling.

Sinkology (then under a different brand name) was having huge success selling through third-party retailers as sub-brands, that they saw a business need to expand what they were doing. By rebranding as a consistent, standalone brand, the company was able to provide a more holistic approach while still offering the same high-quality, handmade sinks and products.

The solution

A true partnership

Choptank was engaged to help rename the company, develop the branding and launch a new award-winning website. The projects went so well that Sinkology engage Choptank on a retainer basis to support them with social media support, SEO services, content marketing and blog services, award-winning print design, photography, videography, and overall strategic support. Choptank works in lockstep with Sinkology to launch new products, promote sales, run advertising, forge new partnerships for the brand and more.

With an innovative and progressive brand like Sinkology, they need support that is as nimble and thoughtful as they are. The company is always pushing to expand the copper sink category, but also to break into new categories and innovate products – both new and old. Choptank answers the need to be quick and nimble with our support and our thoughtfulness. Sinkology and Choptank are a great fit with each other because we are both passionate about what we do, and we have a great deal of respect and trust in each other. A true partnership like this has yielded great successes for both sides and forged strong relationships that are leading to even more awesome work and killer results.


Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University research, strategy and dev

Choptank conducted focus groups, online surveys, interviews, and more to build a website strategy for Northern Kentucky University. While we partnered with their agency of record for web design, we handled the front-end development for this client also.



Nuvoda branding and marketing

A client, RF WasteWater, was creating a new sister company to its family. Choptank was engaged to name, brand, and build a strategy for Nuvoda. We help the company with design, collateral, website development, social media, and more.



Express mobile application

Express needed a new app concept that better connected the online and in-person experiences, leveraged emerging and innovative technology, and furthered their goal of being a fashion fore-runner. Choptank worked with them on some "outside of the box" thinking to develop smashing new concepts.


Things Remembered

Things Remembered website design

Choptank worked with Things Remembered to redesign their massive eCommerce website. The brand was making some big changes with products, marketing, and more, and needed a website to reflect the same level of innovation.