Naming, branding,
strategy, and a full
marketing program

The Problem

A current client expands

RF WasteWater, a current website design and development client of Choptank and international powerhouse in environmental waste water remediation, had expanded as a company.The company focused on turning waste water, from places such as breweries, into fresh usable water for other businesses. With the expansion of their company came a new portfolio of tangental services. While these services didn’t fully fit under the service set of RF WasteWater, they were complementary and an essential part of the future vision of the company. The client came to Choptank to help plan the marketing vision of the company.

THE Solution

A new company emerges

Choptank worked with RF WasteWater to name this new arm of the company as Nuvoda, or literally “new water.” Additionally, we developed the logo, brand messaging platform, collateral, marketing materials and a new website for the client. With initial success for the brand and a fleshed out brand voice, Nuvoda needed a platform to communicate with their audience base during events and on an ongoing basis to support their content marketing strategy. So, Choptank worked with them to launch a presence on social media. We built a social media messaging strategy, content calendars, and social content for Nuvoda and we continue to support the execution and management of this strategy across their social channels. Not only does the company have an outlet and audience base for their content and messaging, but is having two-way conversations with their customer base like never before. In addition, Choptank is working with Nuvoda on several new top-secret initiatives set to roll out soon.


Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University research, strategy and dev

Choptank conducted focus groups, online surveys, interviews, and more to build a website strategy for Northern Kentucky University. While we partnered with their agency of record for web design, we handled the front-end development for this client also.



Express mobile application

Express needed a new app concept that better connected the online and in-person experiences, leveraged emerging and innovative technology, and furthered their goal of being a fashion fore-runner. Choptank worked with them on some "outside of the box" thinking to develop smashing new concepts.


Series of matte black sinks with dramatic lighting on a dark background


Sinkology strategy and marketing

Award-winning full service marketing support for long-term partner. Choptank works with Sinkology on naming, branding, website design / development, social media, content marketing, photography, videography, and more.


Things Remembered

Things Remembered website design

Choptank worked with Things Remembered to redesign their massive eCommerce website. The brand was making some big changes with products, marketing, and more, and needed a website to reflect the same level of innovation.